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Best Fitness and Weight Loss Apps and Gadgets



Mobile phones are evolving and getting better every day. But are you making the most out of your smartphone? Have you ever considered the role of a smartphone in helping you with quick weight loss?

Just think about it! You always have your smartphone with you so why don’t use it to get fit? You can listen to music while working out. It definitely makes exercising easier and more enjoyable. But there is more to it.

Smartphones, today, have many apps which are greatly effective and let you know the tips and tricks on how to lose weight fast. Moreover, these apps work just like your personal gym trainer. You can download the free apps on your smartphones and save the money you were going to spend on a high priced trainer.

Let’s find out the best free fitness tracker and apps that will help us stay fit and active for a long time.

Endomondo Sports Tracker

Available for: Android and iOS

This great app tracks your routes and records your run. It is specially designed for bikers, joggers, and runners. You can browse your workout history view your track on Google Maps view. The paid version integrates with Twitter, Facebook, and other social media handles so you can share your growth with friends. The upgraded version has pedometers and heart rate sensors too.


Available for: Android and iOS

If the gym is your temple, JEFIT must be a ritual in your life. A true gym-freak needs just this amazing app for total fitness. There are over hundreds of exercises that you can select from an anatomical map. The exercises are packed in extreme, super-sets, and basic workout packages. You can also record your photos and witness the changes taking place in your body every day.


Available for: Android and iOS

If you love personal training, you will love this app. Aaptiv is not just an app. It is an in-ear personal fitness train who will help, guide, and instruct you and take your fitness routine to a whole new level. The app has more than 2,500 audio workout sessions, 15+ personal trainers, and a lot more. You can get new workout courses every week. Download it and save the money you were going to spend on a personal trainer.


Available for: Android and iOS

MyFitnessPal is one of the best calorie counter apps. It has a wide database with hundreds of health products and healthy dishes. The app has a counting feature which allows you to set your daily progress in both numeric and graphical form.

Moreover, you can also create your own recipes or import the ones from the app to your mobile.


Available for: Android and iOS

This is one amazing app with thousands of features. There are millions of users of this app all across the globe including investor and philanthropist Richard Branson

Headspace is great for beginners as has many simple yet effective exercises. Once you subscribe to the app, you can unlock many next level versions of workout and meditation.

Install these amazing apps in your smartphone and make achieving fitness more exciting and easier.

Apart from Fitness tracker & Apps, there are many Gadgets in the market that help in maintaining health and having a healthy diet plan.

In this article, we will tell you about the best fitness gadgets of the year 2018.

Mark One Pryme Vessyl

This gadget is a hydration cup which tracks your water consumption and informs you about various milestones through reminders and notifications. Staying hydrated is very important for overall fitness.

The Pryme Vessyl tracks your water intake. Once you fill the cup, it keeps a record of your consumption.

Skulpt Scanner

Skulpt is a wonderful body fat tracker. It measures body fat % in more than 24 different parts and areas of the body. It also provides an in-depth muscle analysis.

Moreover, you also get many exercise tips and health plans for bodybuilding and fat reduction.

If you are into strength training, this tracker is just the right thing for you.

ZJChao Smart Fitness Scale

This is one of the smartest gym gadgets without a doubt. You must be weighed yourself on digital or mechanical weighing scales many times but did you ever thought of a weighing scale which can also calculate your BMI?

This smart fitness scale is highly advanced. It not only calculates your weight but you can also check your BMI. Moreover, when you connect it to your mobile, you can also measure your water weight, bone mass, muscle mass, and visceral fat.
The app works on both Ios and Android.

Keep this amazing device in your house and your entire family stays healthy!

Athos Smart Clothes

We know all about the trending fitness bands, smartwatches, and wristwears but why need them when you can simply wear sensors embedded clothes?

Athos Smart Clothing line offers various garments such as leggings, shirts, and shorts which include fitness sensors. These sensors track your heart rate, biometric data, calories burned, muscle activity, active time, and a lot more.

Digitsole Smart Shoes

When your entire body is equipped with the smartest techs, why leave your feet behind? Get these brand new, hi-tech smart shoes and get going!

These shoes automatically tighten themselves. They keep your feet comfortably warm.

Once you sync them with your smartphone you can track your calories, heart rate, steps taken, calories burned, etc. just like a fitness band.

Apart from excellent gadgets, you need dedication, determination, and hard work to achieve your desirable body goals.

If bodybuilding is an endgame for you, check out our muscle gain products and if you want to lose weight fast and lose weight naturally, buy Phenq or Garcinia Cambogia. All these products are naturally made, tried and tested, and totally safe for use.

A little extra help from these weight loss pills or bodybuilding supplements will let you enhance your performance and get quicker and better results without any horrible side effects.

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Best Equipment for Home Workout

The best equipment for the home workout is the ones that are affordable and make your workout exciting and interesting. Simple items make your workout wonderful.




This pandemic has locked all of us in our homes. There’s no way to go outside without risking our lives. We have to ensure that we boost our immunity during this lockdown as well. So, what can we do now to make our workout more interesting and more productive?

In this article, we will tell you about the best equipment for home workout. These gadgets and equipment are cheap and easily available. They will make your workout routine enjoyable and effective.

Let’s find more about them:

Jump Rope or Skipping Rope

skipping rope

This is a very cost-effective fitness solution. If you want to increase your metabolism and burn enough calories to help you lose weight quickly. Jump ropes give you a quick cardio workout. Perform 3 sets of 50 and see the change in your body.



Weights are must-have workout equipment. Since all the gyms are closed due to this corona outbreak you can be your own trainer at home. Get some light and heavy dumbbells and start your sets for a toned body. You can also check out some easy exercises for your arms and legs to bring them in shape.

Yoga Mat

yoga mat

No one is unknown to the power of yoga. Yoga and meditation are greatly beneficial for our physical, mental, and spiritual growth. Buying a yoga mat is important so that you can perform all such exercises that require sitting or lying on the ground comfortably. These mats provide a soft and comfortable surface.




A mirror is important not just so you can check yourself out but also maintain a proper posture while working out. It is essential for you to exercise in the correct manner and posture. Often we don’t realize that we aren’t bending in the right manner or that are hands or legs are straight. If you have a full-size mirror in front of you, you can keep a check on yourself easily.



The major difference between working out at home and working out in a gym is the environment. In a gym, everyone is pumping up, sweating, and full of energy. But at home, you do not get the much-needed motivation. In such situations, headphones really help. Play some upbeat tracks that give you an adrenaline rush and get on with your workout.

These are some cheap and best equipment for home workout. Use them and make the most of your routine every day.

However, considering the global lockdown, if you do not have the equipment at home and the markets are closed, do not worry!

Instead of dumbbells, you can use water bottles.

Use any regular mat in place of a yoga mat.

Play music on the speaker.

Jump normally without skipping ropes in sets of 20-25.

Just stay active and fit. Develop your immunity with a healthy diet.

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How to boost immunity during the lockdown?



COVID 19 has hit the world very hard. It is a deadly pandemic disease that has become fatal. Since the coronavirus can spread from one person to another, it is a serious problem. The outbreak started to form China and in no time it has spread around the world. Some of the most affected countries with this virus are Italy, Spain, the USA, China, etc. The mortal house has been full and the death toll has spiked up exponentially in these countries. It is a deadly virus that has covered the whole world under its awe.

It is a respiratory disease that spreads from inhaling the virus if the infected person near you sneezes. Since it is a communicable disease, it is recommended to stay at least one meter apart from people. The virus is heavy in terms of  weight so it settles on the surface. If you touch that contaminated surface and then touch your nose, mouth, or eyes, the virus can get into your system. The main openings to your body for this virus are eyes, nose, and mouth. This is the reason why it is asked not to touch your bitcoin mixer face and use sanitizer or wash hands regularly.

Since no vaccine has been developed so far, people are taking some external measures. It is noted that the virus is attacking people with low immunity. It is found mainly in old age people or infants. This is the reason one should focus on building strong immunity during this lockdown. If your body will be strong, you will have very fewer chances to get affected. Here are some tips to boost your immunity during the lockdown:

  • Vitamin C plays a very important role in boosting immunity. Try to consume vitamin C daily in to form of lemon, orange, amla, etc.
  • Drink lukewarm water.
  • Eat moderated sugar.
  • Try to include green vegetables in your diet but boil them before eating. Avoid eating raw vegetables.
  • During lockdown one should not become lethargic. Do exercise at home only. One can also do yoga. It boosts up your immunity significantly and also helps in maintain the stress level.
  • Eat alkaline food which is healthy for your body and stomach.
  • Include turmeric in your diet. It is a very good immunity boosting agent.
  • Do not indulge in smoking or drinking.
  • Eat anti-inflammatory food like olive oil, fish, walnut, ginger, etc. It boosts up your immunity.
  • One can also make various kinds of detox drinks like ginger tea, masala tea, green tea, cucumber mint water, etc.

All these tips will not only boost your immunity but also provide a positive mindset. You will feel good after eating healthy food and doing exercise. After the lockdown, you will get a fit and active body. Following these tips will also improve your skin and body shape. So utilize this time wisely so that you can fight the battle against coronavirus.

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Best Tips for a Fitter Thanksgiving

Celebrating the festival with the best tips for a fitness thanksgiving. Spread love, health, and the blessings of a long life. Eat healthy food and stay fit.



Best Tips for a Fitter Thanksgiving

The great Thanksgiving ain’t too far now. This festival holds an important place in our society. It is a day to be thankful for so many things. But this Thanksgiving, let us pledge to be thankful for our healthy body.

Every shape is beautiful and every size is right. However, with too much weight comes too many problems, such as obesity, diabetes, etc. Hence, we must look at ourselves and try to be fit. In this article, we will discuss the Best Tips for a Fitter Thanksgiving.

Fitness is not just about the body. It is a broad concept. It comprises the mental, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual health of an individual. We cannot be called fit unless we are totally healthy inside out. Therefore, let us promise ourselves to get fitter this Thanksgiving.

Let us find out the best tips for a fitter Thanks9giving and get going:

Become Active

become active

Most of us have desk jobs. Although it is extremely hectic for the brain our physical health is compromised. We sit in one position for hours and work. Our jobs are so stressful that we hardly get time to work out or hit the gym. However, you have to take out some time from your busy schedule for exercise. You can perform many interesting outdoor activities or go swimming. You can even buy some cheap gym machines at home and become your own personal trainer.

Stay Hydrated and Drink Fresh

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is one of the best tips for a fitter thanksgiving. If you want to lose that extra weight of yours, you must drink lots of water. Drinking water has its own perks. You stay alert and energetic for a long time. Other than water, if you have the urge to drink some other beverage, DO NOT go for soft drinks. Instead, drink fresh and healthy drinks for health. Also, try to cut down on your alcohol intake. You are already going to drink more than usual in the Thanksgiving holidays. So, save it!

Eat Healthy, Feed Healthy

eat healthy. feed healthyeat healthy. feed healthy

Thanksgiving is all about sharing memories, love, and food. Most of us either host the special Thanksgiving dinner or go to one with a dish cooked of our own. You must make sure that whatever you serve on the table is tasty as well as healthy.

Try to avoid such dishes that contain a lot of sugar or oil.

Use fat-free chicken broth to make the turkey’s gravy and to baste it.

Use fruit purees instead of oil and sugar substitutes for cooking.

Use fat-free yogurt.

Reduce Stress

reduce stress

Stress and anxiety are the evils that cause the greatest damage. They are major turn-offs and party- poopers. If you want to enjoy the festival, you must have a peaceful mind. Meditate and do Yoga for mental peace. Do not overburden yourself with responsibilities. Share them with your loved ones. Glowing skin is very important to look good. Therefore, do not get panicky at all.

This Thanksgiving, be the best version of you.

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